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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Courtney!

 I've been a big time slacker this summer updating the blog...BUT Courtney's slumber party was so AWESOME, with so many great photos I just had to get back on the blogger bandwagon! I can't believe my baby is 7 years old already! She fills everyday with giggles, happiness, and snuggles! I thank God for her everyday!

Annual birthday pancake breakfast!
My beautiful 7 year old!
Lunch with her gal pals!
Cupcakes at school
Courtney and her 1st grade teacher Mrs. Kersh 
Courtney wanted a Barbie cake so I needed to call in reinforcements. Nana elbow deep in icing making the worlds best cake!
I didn't do much, but I did add the pretty pearls to her amazing cake! 
Thank you Nana, Courtney LOVES her cake and it was the hit of the party! 

Girls Rock!!! Pillowcases to decorate during the slumber pary!
Her bedroom decorated with Christmas lights and pom pom's awaiting sleeping beauties!
Dinner in "bed"!
Truth or Dare beach ball! Awesome game!
Keep a straight face for 1 minute while the others try to make you laugh!
Lick your elbow while singing the alphabet!
Suck on a lemon slice.
Dance party!
Wacky bag! Like hot-potato pass the bag and when the music stops reach in the bag and put on whatever you pull out!
Pizza time!
Happy Birthday to you...

"Spin the bottle" with nail polish of course! Get all your nails painted and win a feather boa!
Movie time!
"Diva pose"...I don't think Camille quite understands the definition of Diva, LOL!
Popcorn and a movie, perfect ending to a perfect evening!
Thank you Aunt Cassidy for celebrating with us!
Ready for bed??? HAHA YEAH RIGHT!
Totally staged! They did finally drift off to sweet dreams by Midnight after Aunt Heather and I stood as "wardens" for an hour making them BE STILL! They kept peaking out from their eye masks to see if we were still standing there, too funny! HAHA what an amazing night with a GREAT group of girls! Thank you for all your help moms!
Happy Birthday Courtney!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Trick-or-treat, smell my feet...

Happy Halloween!!! 
Crazy Courtney pretending to munch on the slimy pumpkin seeds!
The kids pick out the face they want and Dad gets to work!
Enjoying the Halloween loot from Uncle Billy!
 Cole's bat and Courtney's witch
Trick-or-treating at Six Flags with Bugs Bunny and the gang!
SCARY!!!!! I LOVE this pic, they crack me up!
Watch out Keller, TX here comes Spiderman and Iron Man! 
Joined by their amazing sisters the Angel and Witch! Courtney wore sneakers so she could RUN from house to house, "Witch" she did! haha
We sure do love the Woods family and had a blast trick or treating with them!
Sweet friends! 
Trick-or-treating at their 1st grade teacher's house! Thank you Mrs. Kersh!
Cole and Eli loved Mrs. Kersh's smoker!

Year #2 trick-or-treating at their Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Trautman's house!
Pinkalicious Witch! 
Family photo opp at the Keller library hay ride!